Spleen and stomach health main return

Dear everyone, “Today’s headlines” users, dear “Spleen and Stomach Health Master” fans: Thank you for your continued attention to the spleen and stomach health account!

After more than a year of stoppage, Dr. Zhao Yingpan, the main body of the account, plans to officially resume the update in September 2018, and is determined to Lean to release more scientific, targeted, and more heart-felt original spleen and stomach related science articles, hoping to get more attention.

Just preliminary statistics of the spleen and stomach health account on the “Today’s headline” data, reported as follows: October 25, 2016 released the first popular science article, July 28, 2017 released the last science article, less than oneIn the year, a total of 161 articles were published, and an article was published every 2 days. The accumulated readings at that time were not deep, but the number of fans was around 100,000. On August 24, 2018, today, gradually read.The number is 18.88 million, the number of fans is 249,876, and nearly 250,000 is called. After stopping for more than one year, the time for the release of graphic and text is stopped for more than one year. The fans continue to grow at an average rate of 10,000 per month. I thinkThis is the attraction of the content of the article itself. I also know the value of my own text. This is the most fundamental reason for the return of the “Spleen and Stomach Health Master”: I want to use words to help more people, and my words can help more people.

The reason for writing the stop before is mainly due to lack of efficiency. In addition to clinical work, I have a lot of other work to do.

Therefore, in this return, I have set a limited goal for myself: 2 articles per week, 8 articles per month, but the content should be more heart-warming.

Looking forward to your support and attention!


The spleen and stomach health main account owner Zhao Yingpan doctor August 24, 2018