How to reduce abdominal obesity can not reduce the knocking pulse with easy to lose weight

Summer is coming, many people want to discuss the topic of weight loss.

Today we can use the method of conditioning the pulse to effectively achieve weight loss.

The so-called “with pulse” refers to the vein that is located between the waist and abdomen and the only lateral movement of the human body.

The word “belt” in “with veins” has the meaning of a belt, because it runs between the waist and abdomen, and the meridians of the body are straight, like a belt, so it is called “with a pulse.”

“Pulse with pulse” mortality = the fact that diabetes is serious, as one of the seven veins of the “pulse”, like a belt equipped by the human body, its main function is to “constrain the classics.”

What is the role of the belt?

Just to keep the trousers from slackening, a tight belt will be attached to the waist.

In fact, the “pulse” of the human body also has this effect.

The other meridians of the human body are moving up and down. Only the “pulse with veins” is wrapped around the circle, as if the vertical meridians are tied with a string. Therefore, once the veins are twisted, the body will be blocked by many meridians.In the waist and abdomen.

Many people will unconsciously find that their belly and excess meat are more and more in the waist, and then they can’t reduce it.

In fact, this only shows one truth, that is, the “with pulse” is blocked, the strength is not strong enough, and the growth of the waist and excess excess meat can no longer be restrained.

It’s as if our belt is broken, there is no way to tighten the waistband, and the excess meat will grow out.

Pay attention to the abdominal heat preservation, so as to avoid the “pulse with the pulse”.

Chinese medicine believes that the abdomen of the human body is the “source of qi and yang, the qi and yang of the five internal organs.”

The abdomen is yin, and all yin passes through the abdomen, such as gallbladder, kidney, spleen and so on.

If the abdomen is cold, it is easy to make the veins become blocked. Therefore, you must pay attention to the “insulation” of the abdomen, and do not let the abdomen catch cold.

In addition to heat preservation, it is also necessary to do moxibustion, firepower impact, fire bathing, hot ironing and other therapies and maintenance, because when the person’s inner yang is not sufficient, it must be supplemented with external strength.

For the beauty who usually wears low-waist pants and exposed waist, if you don’t want the small belly to have excess meat, you have to change your dressing habits.

Especially in the summer, even if you are hot again, you should protect your abdomen when you sleep, and cover it with a thin quilt.

If you want to make the inserted “pulse” smooth, and say goodbye to the excess meat on your stomach, an effective way is to always think about where the pulse is.

The benefits of knocking the pulse: Traditional Chinese medicine theory believes that there are many benefits to the maintenance of the pulse.

First, it is beneficial to the metabolism of adults, reducing the production of excess meat, especially for the weight loss of excess meat in the abdomen and waist.

Second, it can increase the gravity creep, and has a good laxative effect on people with constipation.

Third, it can speed up the operation of the meridian qi and blood, have the effect of regulating the menstruation and dispersing the liver and stagnation. It can eliminate the accumulation of heat in the blood, and often feel soreness, dysmenorrhea and prevention and treatment of gynecological diseases.It helps.

In addition, because the three acupoints on the “pulse” are “with veins” (also called “with veins” by the same name), the five pivots, the Weidao, and all of them are pressed on the gallbladder, so tapping the “pulse”It is the same as the use of the gallbladder, which can eliminate the effects of toxins in vitro. It can also eliminate acne and acne marks on the body.

Practice: The pulse is a range, that is, the waist is double. Usually, when we are sleeping, if it is a fat person, it will show a swimming ring at the waist, and it is necessary to knock this swimming ring.

Of course, when you are sitting, you can knock it, it will be beneficial.

The method of knocking the veins is very simple, and it is enough to hit the sides of the abdomen with a fist.

Knocking feels better and more comfortable when lying down.

While knocking the veins, the Zhangmen acupoint at the edge of the rib and the Jingmen acupoint at the rib bone are also knocked. The Zhangmen acupoints the liver and the spleen, and the Jingmen acupoints the spleen and kidney. They are all very good.

It can also prevent breast hyperplasia and regulate some diseases unique to women.

Just knock 300-500 every day.

Some people look at this number and feel that their hands are sour. Maybe they think, how long does it take?

In fact, the process of knocking may only take four to five minutes, and when lying down, the long bones in the bed will not feel very sour.

Lying on the bed, then gently rub your own left and right waist, more than 100 times.