[Does eating durian make you fat]_Recommended diet

In today’s age of skinny beauty and thin beauty, fat people are more painful.

There are reasons for some people to change from thin to fat. Some people will gain weight after giving birth or after marriage. If you eat high for a long period of time, high fat food will also become fat.

If you love durian for a long time, you will gain weight, because the sugar and auntie and starch in durian are relatively high, which is why durian tastes fragrant, like eating meat.

If it is not recommended to eat durian during weight loss, some people are easily addicted to eating durian. Small durians eat one a day. The probability of such a durian is very high. The content of 100 grams of durian pulp is 147 kcal.

And durian is a fruit with high carbohydrates, high feces, high trace, and little water, so durian cannot be eaten when losing weight, and durian is not suitable for obese people and high blood pressure people.

Durian itself is an instant high fruit, warm in nature, and the content of protein and vitamins is relatively high.

Durian crisps filled with durian filling, durian sugar, and durian pizza are the favorite of many people. The conversion of durian is 2-3 times that of apples, which is higher than that of many fruits. Therefore, eating durian often will make you fat.

Note that some people are not suitable to eat durian, and some people are not suitable to eat durian when they get angry, cold, diarrhea, hypertension, hypertension.

Durian can be eaten during menstruation, reducing can relieve dysmenorrhea, shortening the menstrual period is in a special period, you can eat durian will not affect the weight too much, so durian eating is the best choice for women.

If men also like to eat durian, then they need to exercise more and consume the conversion of durian eating, so that they have the best of both worlds.