Are you doing the right exercise posture in the abdomen?

The best exercise posture: Practice: lie on your back, palm down, and place left and right.

All over the body, raise the thighs perpendicular to the ground, bend the calf and the ground level.

Then slowly tighten the abdominal muscles, lift the buttocks 2-5cm, and keep this position.

(Upper body and arm relax), then slowly lower the top.

  Wrong lower abdominal exercises: straight legs up.

The legs and hips are the most, and the abdomen does not get more exercise.

At the same time, a large amount is concentrated in the lower part of the back end, increasing the chance of injury

  The best upper abdominal exercise posture: Practice: lie flat on the back, bend the knee, and place the calf horizontally on the back of the chair.

The thigh should be vertical and the chest should be close.

Slowly bend, at a 30-degree angle to the ground, and maintain your posture.

Lie down slowly.

For better results, straighten your legs.

  Increase strength: lift your legs.

Lifting your legs directly in the air increases the difficulty, but it is more effective.

Because the buttocks and leg muscles are unable to support, they contract the abdomen, especially the upper abdomen.

  Wrong abdominal exercise posture: fast straight leg sit-ups.

This will only exercise the leg muscles: while the abdomen exercises very little, and the effect will not be significant.

Because in most cases, you will borrow momentum, especially when your arms are straight behind your head or when you push your head up.

Sit-ups will put a lot of pressure on the lower half.