Refreshing barley tea white collar thin belly recipe

Too many white-collar workers (white-collar bloggers, white-collar journalists, white-collar workers) have a feeling of this: when they are just working, they are rejuvenated. Once they are tired, they feel tired and have no spirits. In two days, they find their faces dark yellow and appetite.It is getting worse and worse, constipation and other bad problems are found on the door, and the small belly is unconsciously uplifted.

In fact, this is all before the sedentary computer, drinking less water, stomach “strike” trouble.

  Sedentary stomach injury is a recognized fact.

Due to the lack of whole body movement, gastrointestinal motility will be significantly weakened, and the secretion of digestive juice will decrease. Over time, there will be symptoms such as loss of appetite, indigestion and fullness of the lower abdomen.

Summer is hot, people are easy to recover from dysfunction, gastric acid secretion is reduced, the spirit is also weak, coupled with the work pressure, it will aggravate the above adverse reactions.

  The prescriptions prescribed by the experts are very simple: every hour, get up and exercise for a while, drink two more glasses of water, replenish moisture, and regulate mood.

But drinking water is very particular.

Some people like to drink “flavored water”, such as carbonated drinks, sweet drinks, etc., but they do not know that these drinks taste good, but have no side effects on health. Drinking more will aggravate the symptoms of indigestion.

  Is there a drink that can both quench the thirst and promote digestion?

Barley tea is a very good choice.

According to reports, barley is sweet, flat, there is a diet to swell, flat stomach, in addition to heat and thirst, under the gas, strong blood, the five internal organs, the effect of Huagu food.

  Barley tea has the functions of cooling and detoxifying, spleen and weight loss, clearing heat and relieving heat, removing phlegm, removing greasy and helping digestion, which can eliminate the feeling of chest tightness and bloating and enhance gastric motility.

The white-collar workers who sit in front of the computer do not hinder the daily drinking of a few cups of barley tea.

After the launch, you will find that your gastrointestinal function is better, constipation is slowly disappearing, and the whole person is refreshing. It is really “getting more at a glance.”