Those years of chasing together to delay aging, are you correct?

We often say how good the kidneys are, how young people are, so many people think that to maintain youthful strength should start from the kidney.

In fact, although the kidney is the innate root of life, the roots of life, but the kidney’s moisture and support will also benefit from the apostasy of the day after tomorrow, full of blood.

The spleen and stomach are the origin of the day after tomorrow, the source of qi and blood biochemistry. Therefore, if you want to delay the aging, you have to start from the spleen and stomach. Only in this way can you nourish the internal organs and nourish your limbs.

So how important is the spleen and stomach?

How to make up the spleen and stomach?

Lets come look!

  Most people are ignoring the existing life of the spleen and stomach. A considerable number of people are in a state of “slightly spleen and stomach”. They do not know that they have acne, irregular menstruation, small belly meat, bad breath, lack of energy, and fatty tongue.Wetness is a manifestation of spleen and stomach disharmony.

Taking obesity as an example, Chinese medicine believes that the body is prone to getting fat, and most of them are closely related to spleen deficiency.

The spleen deficiency makes the spleen transport the water valley’s ability to be weak. In the long run, it will inevitably cause heavy moisture in the body, the waste water in the body can not be discharged, and edema will occur, and the grain transportation is not conducive to the mixture, feces, etc. can not be decomposed, thereby accumulating the body.It is nourished under the meat and causes obesity.

In addition, the health books have said: “The spleen is also the meat, and its glory is also.

“The main muscle of the spleen, its nutrition is mainly absorbed from the spleen transport, muscle fullness and weight loss, and the temper is closely related.”

If the temper is sufficient, the muscles are full and the body is body-building. For example, the spleen is weak, and the muscles are slack and the body is swollen.

  Let’s talk about the stomach, the stomach is one of the six sputum, and the spleen of the five internal organs are in the same table, and work together to become the foundation of the day after tomorrow, the source of qi and blood.

In life, many people have symptoms such as stomach discomfort. Lightness is characterized by bad breath, belching, acid reflux, moderate stomach pain, bloating, and severe cases of gastric ulcer and even stomach cancer.

Lighter people often violate their discomfort, while severe ones often suffer from advanced disease, all of which indicate the modern people’s contempt for the stomach of Liuyi.

The stomach is the sea of the human body’s water valley, also known as Taicang, Tiancang, the acceptor and the pass of the main body.

In the process of digestion and absorption of the human body, the main recipient of the stomach, the decomposed water valley, can digest the food into a chyme, the spleen is transported, the water valley is transported, the blood is produced, and the internal organs are maintained.

The storage function of the stomach is a good material basis for the spleen’s transport function, and together become the foundation of the day after tomorrow.

  The spleen and stomach are the source of qi and blood biochemistry, and the aging of spleen and stomach begins with the spleen and stomach and kidney. The qi and blood of the spleen and stomach are the guarantee for the innate.

As the saying goes, people live a breath, Chinese medicine believes that: Qi is the origin of all things, the life and death of people, all depends on the gas, the gas gathers when the life is strong, the strength is strong; the gas is weak, the air is dead.

  In addition, Qi can produce blood, and Qi Wang is bloody. Therefore, in order to maintain the source of life, it is necessary to qi and blood, and the spleen and stomach is the source of qi and blood biochemistry, so delaying aging is based on replenishing the spleen and stomach.

So, how to make up the spleen and stomach?

Three to three don’t!

  One should eat more porridge and porridge to raise the spleen and stomach, especially those who are weak in the spleen and stomach. They should also drink porridge with spleen and dehumidification, such as glutinous rice porridge, white rice porridge, red bean porridge, etc., for spleen and stomach, Yiqi dehumidificationVery effective.

  Second, have breakfast, do you have a good habit of eating breakfast?

What is your breakfast structure?

Is your breakfast content qualified?

How long do you have to eat breakfast?

For modern people, the above four questions can be as low as 80 points.

How many people do not eat breakfast?

How many people are breakfast to fill the stomach?

How many people are breakfast roadside stalls?

How many people have breakfast time is only 5 minutes.

To have a good spleen and stomach, it is important to have a good breakfast.

From 7:00 to 9:00 in the morning, it is for Chen. At this time, the stomach is ordered, the body is the most yang, and the spleen and stomach are the strongest.

The most important thing to do at this time is to have breakfast. Only in this way can we provide enough nutrients to the body to biochemically.

  Third, eat more warm food, whether it is the spleen or the stomach, they are afraid of cold, so eat more warm food, but do not eat hot food, because hot food is particularly hurt the stomach.

  One should not eat cold drinks. This son is a living example, so friends who love to eat cold drinks and cold food must pay attention to it. Cold and cold is the most vulnerable to spleen and yang, and it is most likely to cause spleen and stomach loss.  Second, do not eat fried foods that are good-looking and delicious, but they are also very easy to hurt the spleen and stomach. Fried foods are more difficult to digest. Excessive consumption will inevitably increase the burden on the stomach, which in turn will lead to a weakening of the spleen’s ability to transport water, such as this,Will lead to spleen and stomach weakness.

  Three do not eat processed products Many friends like to eat salted products, smoked products, in fact, some things are the most damaging stomach, long-term consumption may even induce gastric cancer.

For example, Koreans are more likely to have stomach cancer than other countries. The first priority is that Koreans love pickled products such as kimchi.

  We often say that “intra-injury spleen and stomach, then all diseases are clustered”, while replenishing the spleen and stomach is the basis for delaying aging.

How many people in life despise the essence of the spleen and stomach.

How strong the human blood is, how good the body is, and the color is also ruddy, of course, it will be insulated from the “aging”, so delaying aging should start from the spleen and stomach, the spleen and stomach will be good, the blood and blood will be strong, and the internal organs will be strong.It will be healthier and people will be younger!