Excessive hot dyeing hair becomes worse. See four nursing tips

Still worried about hot hair dyeing too many hair deterioration?

Take a look at the tricks to make hair quality restore with Xiaobian!
  1. Shampooing techniques that do not harm the hair. Spend twice the time to rinse and rinse the shampoo thoroughly.
Maybe I think “I have washed the shampoo very clean” but there is still a lot left in my hair.
The residual shampoo will take away the moisture of the hair and let the hair dry out, which is also the cause of the odor.
?  In addition, do not directly pour the shampoo on the scalp, you should first pour it on your hands and then foam it on your hair.
?  In addition, do not rub the hair after washing the hair, the wet hair scales are completely open, in a state of unprepared, if at this time combing or rubbing the hair may cause branching.
?  2, the method of resurrecting the injured hair The daily use of hair conditioner to practice deep hair care.
  Apply a large amount of hair conditioner to the tip of the hair and put on the shower cap. Leave it for 10-15 minutes and rinse off.
Allow the conditioner ingredients to soak into the inside of the hair and improve the hair after washing.
?  3, hair dry hair to restore the luster method and hair health is closely related to whether the adrenal gland can work well, so it can be referred to the kidney acupoints, massage in a day does not matter.
Careful stimulation can help the hair to restore luster.
The acupuncture point of the kidney is in the center of the first joint of the little finger on the palm. The method of finger pressure is very simple. Use the thumb to gently press the kidney to relax three times, and then put it three times, so that the group is completed 30 times.
It is better to put a rice grain massage on the acupuncture point.
?  Use commercially available pure botanical and fragrance-free shampoos and conditioners for shampooing, or wash oil with a blend of essential oils.
  4, the method of maintaining the glossy hair using a bristle hair brush comb.
?  The biggest enemy of hair is static electricity.
Wild boar hair containing moderate moisture and oil is less likely to cause static electricity than plastic or other animal hair brushes, and has less burden on hair.
  Comb hair can not only remove the dirt on the hair, but also promote the scalp blood circulation to discharge excess oil, and fully comb the hair to make each hair get nutrition.
?  In addition, the hair should also be sunscreen.
A hair conditioner with UV protection can be sprayed before going out to prevent excessive sun exposure.