Remember to remember 5 things after getting up, keep doing it every day, don’t let habits reduce your life!

The living habits and eating habits of most long-lived elderly people are very good, indicating that these factors have a great impact on health and longevity.

A beautiful day starts from the early morning, and the shift after getting up, a small movement, may affect the life of the day.

The five things that wake up in the morning are very important. If you can persist, your health will not be far away.

5 things in the morning.

Getting up after getting up When we wake up, it takes a process for the body to change from a suppressed state to an excited state.

If you immediately get up and wear clothes, wash your eyes, it is easy to have dazzling, dizziness and other discomfort. The middle-aged and elderly people are also prone to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accidents. This is because they wake up immediately after waking up, our body has not adapted, blood flow will be compared.Slow, can not deliver oxygen to the brain in time.

After waking up, don’t rush to the body, first do the following exercises on the bed: first, put your hands hot, dry your face several times, then massage the temples repeatedly, the back of your head, neck about 20 times, then, both hands and half fists, gently beatenWaist forward about 10 times, then beat the outside of the two sides of the size of the legs, and finally use the two heels to alternately step on the soles of the feet, then rub the feet with the palms, so that the feet feel warm.


Drink a cup of “getting water” in the morning, the first cup of water should be fasting, small mouth drink, preferably warm water, can add water, regulate the stomach, prevent constipation, make the brain awake, and play a significant role in maintaining human health.

After a night of sleep, people are in a state of dehydration.

Fresh boiled water can quickly replace blood, promote blood circulation, and can quickly and easily wake up; middle-aged women can also drink honey water in the morning, can improve fatigue and prevent osteoporosis; people with constipation can drink light salt water;Need to pay attention, do not drink milk on an empty stomach; it is best not to drink carbonated drinks.


Forming a bowel habit The food residue that we eat in is replaced from the outside of the body. It can be said that it is a sewer.

If the intermediate is dissolved, the stool will stay for a long time, and it is easy to cause various toxins to be repeatedly and repeatedly absorbed, thereby affecting health.

Therefore, we have to develop a good habit of fixing bowel movements every day.

After getting up or after breakfast, take a time to go to the toilet for a fixed time, let the body develop the habit of fixed-point defecation, even if you don’t have the intention to lick it.

4, to eat breakfast breakfast is the most important three meals, will have an impact on the state of the day, is also very important for the health of the body, because it provides the energy needed to start a day, and it will be easier to gain weight without eating breakfast.Because the body feels lighter, the food intake of the meal will increase, and the energy is insufficient, which will lower the metabolic rate and make the slight accumulation easier. The human body will get used to storing the energy of the adult to consume the fasting.

Therefore, you should have 15 to 20 minutes in the morning to sit at the table and have breakfast. If you need to pay attention, don’t eat while walking, or take snacks such as biscuits early, so it is easy to be malnourished.

5, to exercise fitness morning exercise and fitness can allow the body to enter the normal “working state” in advance, consume more energy, improve the body’s metabolism, which, for the dieters, is also conducive to weight loss.

When the body consumes one night and there is no food supplement, the body has little energy.

If you exercise at this time, such as long-lasting cycling, jogging, etc., it will consume more body and provide energy to the body.

Therefore, for people who lose weight, morning fitness is good for weight loss.