Can cataract be cured?

What is cataract?
Can cataract be cured?

What is cataract?

Our eyes are similar to the camera. Light penetrates the cornea, gathers through the lens, projects onto the retina, and then passes through the photoreceptor cells on the retina, which is transmitted from the nerve fibers to the brain, allowing us to see the colorful world.

Among them, the lens is like a camera lens. Once it is turbid, it will block light from entering the eye and affecting vision.

This opaque lens is the cataract in the doctor’s mouth, can the cataract be cured?

What is cataract?

Cataract is a common blinding eye disease.

There is a tissue in the human eye called the lens. Under normal circumstances, it is transparent. Light passes through it and some refractive interstitial to reach the reflection, so that the human body can be clearly seen.

Once the lens is turbid for some reason, it will affect the retinal imaging, making people unable to see things.

That is to say, opacity of the lens causes vision loss to be a cataract.

It is recommended to treat patients with cataracts when they are diagnosed or diagnosed, and to avoid overuse of the eyes for a long time.

Can cataract be cured?

Know that you have a cataract, can you tell if you can take medicine or apply eye cream?

Wrong and wrong, experts say, so far, there is no specific drug that can eliminate cataract, drugs can only have an auxiliary effect.

To cure cataracts, you must have surgery. Don’t be superstitious about propaganda, spend money, and delay your visit!

Surgery is the only effective means of treating cataracts.

Epidemiological surveys show that the total number of cataract patients is about 1,100 per year, and the annual national cataract surgery can only perform more than 2 million cases. It has just met 1.5 million new patients per year. The most successful method is surgery.

Dietary precautions for cataract patients (1) Eat more natural vitamin C fresh vegetables and fruits, such as celery, cabbage, green vegetables, tomatoes, strawberries, citrus, fresh dates and so on.

(2) Eat more food, green vegetables and lettuce, carrots and tomatoes, especially citrus fruits, grapes, lemons, bananas, and apricots.

Also eat some calcium-containing foods.

(3) Avoid drinking alcohol, smoking, and eating less animal waste and sugar.