How to relieve fatigue after exercise

Do not drink alcohol before exercise, because alcohol is enough for your motor skills and judgment to become dull, alcohol can reduce strength, speed, muscle endurance and cardiovascular endurance.

A large amount of drinking will lead to a reaction, a reduction in balance and coordination, and even on the second day of moderate drinking, these athletic abilities will not fully recover.

However, few people know that if you drink a small amount of alcohol after exercise, you can also relieve fatigue.

  Foreign medical research reports suggest that proper drinking can cause arterial vasodilation and blood pressure to drop, which is beneficial for patients with mild hypertension and poor circulation, while moderate wine can promote favorable high-density lipoprotein and reduce harmful low-density lipoprotein.To prevent heart attacks.

Drinking alcohol after exercise can alleviate fatigue, because a large amount of lactic acid is produced after exercise, which leads to imbalance of acid and alkali in the body, and drinking can dilate blood vessels and restore lactic acid metabolism.

  It should be noted that drinking after exercise should follow the principle of “appropriate”, “appropriate” and “appropriate”.

“Timely” means you can’t stop exercising and drink immediately, especially if you drink a lot of beer, because it will increase the heart, the burden on the kidneys, and damage your health. You should choose to eat: “Moderate” means that the degree of drinking after exercise should be low-alcohol.Such as wine, rice wine, beer, etc., and traditional traditional winemaking such as Shaoxing wine, glutinous rice wine is also nourishing tonic since ancient times: “The right amount” is appropriate for the amount of alcohol, generally white liquor should not exceed 50 ml each time, beer does not exceed 300 ml.

  In addition, when you drink alcohol, you can choose the ideal food to satisfy your taste, and to supplement the lack of nutrients after exercise. The best food is to push high protein and vitamin-rich foods, such as fresh vegetables, fresh fish, lean meat, beans.Classes, eggs, etc.